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US-China: Trade Wars and Trade Deals

Official White House Photo / Shealah Craighead
118. Ins and Outs of the US-China Phase-One Trade Deal

Two former USTR negotiators dissect the new agreement.

Michael Gaida / Pixabay
109. A Different US-China Fight Hits the Headlines

WTO dispute settlement is in disarray. US trade remedies and China have played a central role.

William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum YouTube Channel
107. Bombed Embassies and Document Leaks – How China Got into the WTO

Fraught negotiations finally culminate in China's 2001 WTO entry.

Trade is...complicated

116. Fish Subsidies. What's the Catch?

The WTO was told to negotiate limits to fishing subsidies by 2020. Why this is proving so hard.

Gerd Altmann / Pixabay
111. Trade Policy Under Trump

A former senior Trump trade official shares his take on US policy toward China, the EU and the WTO.

MrMiniBike / Pixabay
105. Aircraft Subsidy Disputes: How These Tariffs Are Different

The WTO authorizes new US tariffs on EU products in one of the biggest disputes ever.

110. Will 3D Printing Increase Trade? Hear All About It.

New evidence from the hearing aid industry on whether 3D printing will eliminate the need for trade.

120. Extreme Trade: The Rise and Fall of Glasgow’s Shipbuilding

What is the Glasgow effect? Richard Davies explains, and tells the gripping economic story of the Scottish city’s boom and bust.

Julia Schwab / Pixabay

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